Festival clothing:
How to customize
a band tee

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Step 1.Find a slogan T-Shirt to customize, an oversized shape will have the best results.

Step 2. Using a light coloured pencil mark out line to create the new armhole. This is a guide to cut to. The line should run from the middle of the shoulder down to half way down the side seam. Duplicate this on both sides and ensure the lines are symmetrical.

Step 3. Using fabric scissors cut along the lines to create the new vest shape.

Step 4. At this point you can try the vest on and see if the shape is correct, you can make alterations at this point if needed.

Step 5 & 6. Using the scissors make small snips into the neck ribbing to give a distressed effect.

Step 7 & 8. To create slashes in the main body fold the fabric in half and snip. This should create a small rip, using your hands pull and then slash to increase the size as desired.

Step 9. Voila! You now have your own festival ready band tee!