jeans style guide

style guide

With our latest jeans fit guide, we’ve made finding your preferred style as easy as… well, putting on a pair of jeans. Focusing on the finest detail from the waist down, we’ve explained everything from nailing that universal skinny fit look to taking on tapered for a one-of-a-kind style.

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spray on skinny

on skinny

Every frontman knows how to rock a pair of skinny jeans and the spray on skinny fit has been an essential wardrobe staple throughout the decades. Get the rockstar look with our tightest fit yet. Our spray on skinny jeans are a modern twist on a classic cut. With a super stretch fabric that aesthetically moulds to your form, the flexibility and recovery of this unique fit makes it feel almost like a second skin.

super skinny

The super secret weapon for nailing the skinny fit look. A fashionable fit with a modern flair. This tight fit flows through the waist, thighs and ankle, and the stretchy fabric allows for a comfortable style, giving enough movement which the cut demands. No, we’re talking about cutting shapes on the dancefloor, although, this free movement fit will certainly help with that… Maybe.


A pair of skinny jeans is a versatile wardrobe essential for any man. If the compression like style of the spray on or stretch skinny fit isn’t for you, but you still want to pull off that skinny fit look, you've landed in the right place. This style is tight fitting with narrow legs and a skinny ankle. Available in both stretch and rigid fits for a comfortable style or a classic touch on traditional denim.

slim fit

We’re putting an end to the slim vs skinny fit debate. Where skinny fits clasp your leg from top to bottom, slim fits offer a comfortably snug straight fit through the thighs, legs and ankle. They offer a relaxed and comfortable fit featured on a traditional shape, perfect for everyday wear.